I thought I’d take a little break from my normal ministry-themed blogs and do something a little more light-hearted. Here are some reasons why I’m convinced that my Miami Dolphins will win it all this year:

1. Because Dan Marino was awesome.
The memory of his feats will finally inspire the current Miami Dolphins to get back to the Super Bowl and accomplish what Marino came so close to doing…winning the big one. They will remember “The Fake” and “The Lateral” and perhaps he’ll show up in the locker room and do a pep talk. It will be awesome. They will be awesome. He was awesome.

2. The 1972 Dolphins (17-0) will invite the current players over to a barbeque at Mercury Morris’ house.
And maybe at that barbeque, the ’72 Fins will tell the 2011 Fins that they can borrow their Super Bowl rings for the year. Jason Taylor will borrow Garo Yepremian’s (the 1972 kicker) and it will be so tight that he will “play angry”…pulverizing Mark Sanchez, Tom Brady, and even Peyton Manning. It won’t even be fair.

3. Chad Henne will have a breakout year.
QB Chad Henne will watch Michael Vick tapes and realize that his playing style has been all wrong. He’ll start tucking and running more often, along with multiple deep passes a game to Brandon Marshall. He’ll end up with 5,083 yards passing (Marino’s record year was 5,084), throw for 47 touchdown passes (Marino’s best was 48), and rush for 1,915 yards (smashing Ricky Williams single season Fins mark). It will be unbelievable.

4. Reggie Bush.
‘Nuff said.

5. Don Shula Steakhouse napkins.
The Steelers have the terrible towels, the California Angels have the rally monkeys, and I’d like to suggest that the Fins fans attending games start to bring napkins from all-time great Dolphin coach Don Shula’s steakhouse. Then wave them. Furiously. Loudly. Constantly. This will keep a connection between the 2011-2012 Fins and the greatness that Don Shula brought to this team. And it will contribute greatly to at least two key AFC East home wins. The other will be a blow out…of the Patriots.

6. I believe they will win it.
According to the western world’s post-modern doctrine of subjective truth, if I believe it, it must be true. I don’t use that logic when it comes to my faith, but I’ll see if it works in football…I believe the Dolphins shall hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy in 2012!! Hmm…

7. My Dad said they would.
No, he didn’t necessarily say they would win it this year, but after I wept on the cold winter night of January 30, 1983 when John Riggins blast through the Fins defensive line and ripped out my little heart, my Dad told me they’d be back and win one. They did make it back, but again I wept on the night of January 20, 1985 when Joe Montana picked apart Miami’s secondary. Again, my dad told me they’d be back. It’s 2011. They’re due. Right, Dad?

I think I’ve made some reasonable arguments as to why the Miami Dolphins will win the Super Bowl this year. I’d be interested to see if anyone dares question the crystal clear logic of the points I’ve made.

While you’re at it, check out the song I recorded with my daughter Grace and some friends a few years back. Ultimately, it’s all my Dad’s fault that I’m a Fins fan anyway.

Daddy Made Me Love the Dolphins

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