“What you said…” she began, her voice quivering, “…it was…it was…” Tears fell softly down her cheeks as she failed to find words to describe what was happening in her heart. I had just spoken on grace, and the joy of knowing that Christ’s work is a finished work.

Such is not an unusual conversation for me to have with someone after I preach these days. I marvel at how moved some people seem to be after hearing the gospel. For some it may be hearing the gospel for first time, for some it’s like the first time.

This is not without a cost. I’m just coming off one of my busiest four months ever in ministry. I’ve barely had a spare minute to send out updates like this one! June through September, I traveled all over the northeast. Combine that with leading GraceLife, a new church plant in Avon, NY and I got pretty worn down. Even so, to watch the gospel shred through slavery, legalisms, condemnations, and self-righteousness is an eternal joy. I feel like one of the disciples to whom Jesus said, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see!”

Here’s a few updates:

There’s a lot I could say here, but the highlight of the summer for me was definitely the two weeks of touring I did with my family. In June, we produced our first family album under the name “Levendusky Trio” called Hourglass. Then we toured in July. What a delight it was to travel with the whole family to the many stripes of the Body of Christ. I might dare to say that this was the most enjoyable touring experience I’ve ever had! If you haven’t heard our album, you can check out some cuts on youtube or download on iTunes.

It’s been so exciting to be part of planting a new church! Our dream was to establish a gospel-centered community on mission together. We’re well on our way! We had our first baptism service in August and have been averaging around 115 in attendance since the fall began. We now have 11 groups, and are looking ahead with expectation! Check out our new church video on Vimeo.

My family is well. Grace and Joye are both in public school and are shining lights for Christ. They’re both outstanding athletes and students. Heidi is busy homeschooling the younger ones and chasing our 2-year-old Jackson around the house. She’s also investing in younger mothers through Twitter posts, occasional travels, and leading a group called “Moms.” We are very blessed.

Thanks for your love, prayers, encouragement, and support of the call of God on my life and family!

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