Here’s our 2012 family update!

Grace: 2012 was a big year for Gracie to shine! Our little girl is almost 15!!! Her multiple talents opened lots of doors for her in music and sports in 2012. In music, she performed as an understudy as “Chava” in Fiddler on the Roof at Avon High, and had a bigger role in Scrooge this year than she did last year. She was also chosen as a soloist in Area All-State Chorus, and is excelling in concert band playing the french horn (like her Mom!) and in jazz band playing the trumpet. She was also part of the “Levendusky Trio” as we produced our first album and toured the northeast in the summer. Her songwriting is really developing and she also loves performing at open-mic nights. In sports, Gracie started at 3rd base for the Avon Braves modified softball team (.391 batting average) and as an outside hitter on the JV volleyball team (again, like her Mom!). As a student, she won a score of academic awards and had a 95 average in 8th grade. Most of all, she sincerely loves Jesus and is constantly a bold witness for the gospel!

Joye: Lots of change in 2012 for our sweet 12-year-old! She ended her gymnastics career in May as a Level 7 gymnast, but not before she medaled on floor at Level 6 States. She took swim classes in the summer, and is proving to be quite the swimmer! Now that she’s a 7th grade student at Avon Middle School, we’re looking forward to watching her swim for the Avon Braves. Joye was also a starter on the Avon modified soccer team, and is the fastest girl on the squad! She also performed in her first musical as she joined the cast of Scrooge at Avon High. She’s excelling at piano, performing wonderfully at her recitals. She’s an outstanding, hard-working student, with a 98 average so far in her first year at public school! We are most proud of Joye for her rock-like faith in Jesus (she was baptized this year!) and her amazing servant’s heart toward her siblings.

Esther: Our 9-year-old daughter has grown so much this year! Besides growing taller, she’s matured and is now the big girl in the house as her older sisters are off to public school. She played in a summer soccer league and also took swim lessons. Mom is teaching her the trombone! She got chops!!! Esther is also doing well at piano, and recently had a duet with her older sister, Joye. She is also beloved at Covenant Life Academy, a Friday program for homeschoolers where she’s made a lot of friends. She’s a great memorizer (The Apostle’s Creed, the Beatitudes, Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech) and loves art. We rejoice that Esther was also baptized this year! We are delighted with how soft and sweet her heart is toward the Lord and others. There’s no one with a more tender and compassionate heart than Esther!

Reese: We are amazed to watch our little boy grow! Now 6, he’s really stepped out this year. We have been astonished to see new talents emerge and watch him enter into new spheres! He started taking drum lessons this year with Jon Stevens, a reputable professional drummer that’s a family friend. God actually provided a free (and awesome) drum set for him! This boy can lay it down!!! And after three years of “light” wrestling training with Dad, things have gotten really serious for Reese. He trained heavily all fall with Dad and wrestled in his first tournament in early December! His hard work was rewarded by finishing in 2nd place and qualifying for the Ohio Eastern Nationals in Columbus! You should have seen how happy he was to get a trophy!!! Reese also played T-ball, took swim lessons, and is enjoying Covenant Life Academy. We are thankful for the fruit of the Spirit we are seeing in his life, as he is emerging in our home as a disciplined, gentle-hearted leader.

Audrey: Our four-year-old is a doll! We can’t believe how cute she is and how often she makes us laugh with her hilarious quotable comments!!! One of our favorites (after Daddy showed her his arm veins): “Daddy, look in my arm and you can see MY brains!” She learned to write in 2012, took swimming lessons, gymnastic classes, and also attends Covenant Life Academy. We love watching her grow in every way!

Jackson: What can we say about our special 2-year-old? He seems to have a remarkable touch of God on his life. More than once, we were amazed in 2012 at the spiritual experiences he’s already having and the genuine draw he seems to have to Jesus. One of our favorites is when he told us about a dream where a lion tried to kill him, but “Jesus came and saved me but Jesus died.” In another dream, Jesus took him to “His house.” Other news for Jack: He learned to talk, got potty-trained (good job, Mama!), loves horses and superheroes…especially “Cap Merica”!!!

Mom: Turned 40 in 2012, but that didn’t slow her down! She ran two half-marathons, hosts a weekly community group in her home through GraceLife, started a “Moms” group, recorded an album and toured in the summer with the Levendusky Trio! She also traveled as a guest worship leader to a women’s conference in Pennsylvania. We’re amazed at the favor God is giving her with younger mothers, who constantly sit at her feet. One special highlight in 2012 was attending a family celebration for her mother and father’s 50th wedding anniversary. Overall, she’s just standing in amazement more and more at the gospel!

Dad: 41-years-old! Loves being a Dad and husband…took Grace on her annual overnight to Sand Island in Sacandaga Lake, sleeping under a tarp in a thunderstorm…took Esther to New York City…took Reese on a fishing trip…took Heidi to Alex Bay. He’s staying very busy as lead pastor of GraceLife Church, traveling as a speaker and worship leader, writing his father-in-law Ford Reynolds’ biography, producing the first Levendusky Trio album, and touring with the family in the summer! One special moment was when he was invited back to his alma mater Schoharie High to sing his original song “In the Flood” with the senior high chorus after Hurricane Irene floods ravaged his hometown. He also ran a half marathon, and his team “Microburst” placed 3rd in the Rochester MVP quarter-marathon relay. He played baseball this year in the NABA 28-and-over league, starting in the outfield. His new passion, though, is coaching wrestling, as he trained Reese for his first season, and started a pee wee club for boys. Mostly, Derek is growing in grace.

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