Unworthy but Valuable 1I’ve been thinking lately about the nature of God’s love. God’s love is given without us meeting a condition. As a matter of fact, God’s love is given while we are in clear violation of the conditions. Is there a clearer doctrine in Scripture than our own sinfulness?

We are not worthy.

But we are valuable.

It’s important to understand the distinction. Our society works 24-7 to convince us that we are worthy; that we’re basically good; that we deserve uninterrupted awesomeness.

We are not and we do not.

Grace is not for those who can, will, would, could, or did. Grace is for those who can’t, won’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, and didn’t.

And aren’t ya glad?

So many people in this world, Christians and not-yet-Christians, spend all their time trying to become worthy. This is a futile mission. We’ll never be worthy.

But we are valuable.

Adam and Eve show us our own nature. They sinned. They tried to be satisfied outside of God. They were ashamed. They made fig leaves. God came…

They hid.

UBV 4The fig leaves were not enough. The fig leaves were their man-made attempt to dispense of shame, to become worthy. But when God came, the fig leaves were not adequate, and the shame spilled out like an oozing sore.

Then God acted. He made garments of skin. Blood was shed.

A picture of Christ.

He covered them. He made provision because they were not worthy.

But they were valuable.

Jesus, the Prince of Heaven, came and gave royal blood on the cross. That’s a costly price. A high price is paid for something valuable.

God loves His children. We are valuable to Him.

God loves His own glory. He is valuable to Himself.

He affirmed both of those statements at the cross.

At the cross, God glorified Himself, displaying the immensity of His love and grace, redeeming the apple of His eye—His children, His Church, His Bride.

UBV 6God’s glory and God’s love kissed the cross. They are one. We are saved. He is exalted.

We are not worthless. We are chosen by the God of the Universe, bought with a price by kingly blood.

Tullian Tchividjian said, “The gospel is not that we are lovable, but that we are loved.”

Believing this heals the heart, defeats the pressure to perform, enables us to come as we are to accept by faith what He offers us:

Unconditional love. Irresistible grace.

May these thoughts free you from feeling a need to defend your own worthiness, and lift of up your countenance to see a glorious, kind, and generous Heavenly Father.

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