holy_bibleI posted this on Facebook a few night ago and had a surprisingly big response. Thought I’d post it here to preserve it and keep the conversation going:

For all who think the Bible is a Rated G fairy tale, the Bible is actually a Rated R true story. It has sex, murder, witchcraft, betrayal, espionage, treason, racism, and maniacal dictators. But the light shed on those things is one that portrays them with moral accuracy. When it’s evil, the Bible calls it evil. When it’s justice, the Bible calls it justice. When it’s good the Bible calls it good.

bibleI say that to strike a blow at the mentality that Christians are an apple-pie-in-sky backwards community of people who can’t relate to the real world, and the mentality that the Bible is an irrelevant archaic work to be aesthetically appreciated but not respected or believed. I also say this to remind the religious community that over-sheltering our children from the harsh realities of sin, making sex a dirty word when the Bible doesn’t do so, or avoiding the opportunity to coach our children through culture is neither wise nor biblical. Let’s learn from the Bible’s honest lens, and learn from the ultimate narrative of One who left safety, comfort, heaven’s innocence, and the shelter of shadowless light to walk in a darker world, that he might lead His own to the light.

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