wreck edmund fitz“Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?” Always loved Gordon Lightfoot’s music. My father took me to see him in concert when I was just a kid. Struck by this lyric as I listened to the song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” with my own kids this morning: “Does anyone know where the love of God goes when…”

It’s different for all of us.
“…when I can’t pay the bills.”
“…when my husband left me.”
“…when my business failed.”
“…when I tragically lost a loved one.”
“…when I have cancer.”
“…when I got injured and couldn’t finish the season.”
“…when I failed.”
I shudder when I think of my own journey through the waves of depression and anxiety disorder that I went through in 2001-2003. There have been other seasons when I’ve known those waves and what seems like the absence of God’s assistance.
But now I see.
God’s silence was not absence.
He is good. He is working. He is in control.
Just finished a series on the life of Joseph at GraceLife Church. Talk about God being silent. Joseph could sing, “Does anyone know where the love of God goes…when my brothers betray me…when I’m sold into slavery…when I’m framed for rape…when I’m forgotten in prison?” But often when God seems most silent, He is working the most for us. We only see at the end of Joseph’s life what God was doing. When he rises to power in Egypt and his brothers who betrayed him come to him, they beg for mercy. His warm heart said, “What you meant for evil, God intended for good…God sent me ahead of you to save our people.”
Joseph saw the hand of God behind it all.
Does anyone know where the love of God goes? He is sovereign. He is still good, still in control, and still working.
So, here is where our theology lands: God causes good, allows evil, but ordains all things.
We don’t always see what He’s doing, but that is what makes Him God.
There’s nowhere this is more clear than in the cross of Christ. What looked like the greatest defeat became the greatest victory in the history of the universe as Jesus died for the sins of a fallen world, defeating death and darkness, making a way to reconciliation with the Father.
No one could see it.
No one could understand it.
They were all asking, “Does anyone know where the love of God goes…?”
It never went anywhere. It’s there, under the surface. Wait and see. Put your faith in His kind heart and one day every sad day will be untrue.
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