“Even in the case of lifeless things that make sounds, such as the flute or harp, how will anyone know what tune is being played unless there is a distinction in the notes? Again, if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?” (1 Corinthians 14:7-8)

After a long season of sowing and sweating, a lot seems to be coming together for me this year. We’re getting ready to launch my new Worship With Your Life broadcast in March; my best album yet, Worship With My Life, will be out in a few weeks; I’ll be publishing my first book for worship leaders in April, and I just published probably my most important book to date, Discipleship by Grace.

The UPS truck pulled in the driveway, and we knew it was here. The first load of my new book, Discipleship by Grace, had arrived! As I held a copy in my hand, I thought not only of the months and months of writing, revising, editing, and designing that went into it, but the years of studying the Word, and the season of terrible darkness that preceded my grace conversion. I had paid a heavy price to have this book in my hand.

“I’m proud of you,” my wife Heidi said to me.

“Honestly,” I told her, “I’m happy for the people this book will bless. Finally, with the new album and the new book, I have the clearest trumpet call I’ve ever had to champion the message of God’s grace.”

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:2, “For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified” (NASB). When Paul went to Corinth, he was blasted a clear, singular note that called all hearers to center their faith on one thing: God’s grace made available through the redeeming sacrifice of Christ.

I’ll always be interested in worship and world evangelism, the pillars of our ministry since we started in 1998, but the foundation is grace. There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than helping people understand the power, freedom, and joy of God’s grace. Everything else flows from it—worship, world evangelism, prayer, giving, creativity, understanding your calling, etc.

I have the sense that God has put a trumpet in my hand, and through our books, albums, and new broadcast, I’m about to blast a clear, singular note: “Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” Please pray for me as I move to the top of a high mountain and blow this trumpet!

Mucho grace,

Derek Joseph

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