Lacey and Amber approached me and asked for prayer after I preached a message on grace in northern New York. Neither of them knew the Lord, and the Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge for each of them. They received Christ with tears, and began to testify to their friends of what had happened!

A spirit of worship filled “the Worship Tent” as we ministered at Kingdom Bound 2010, and many hearts were encouraged as we shared our music and preached the gospel. We were overwhelmed afterward by the encouraging reports of touched lives, and the Worship Tent Director was super-encouraging and told me, “I think we waited too long to bring you guys in here.” We hope to return next year.

Annie felt impressed of the Lord not to take the walk she’d planned, but instead to listen to my book interview on the Buffalo-based WDCX “Cross-Eyed Radio” program with Mike Chorey of the Joshua Revolution. Annie, struggling through a season of anxiety and depression, was amazed to hear my testimony of walking through the same valley and discovering God’s grace. She called in the show and we ministered to her live on the air.

John watched our online video “GraceLife 1.0: Discovering Grace” and contacted me. “I need God’s grace in my life!” he said, and then went on to explain that his wife left him, he could no longer see his son, and he lost his job. “I’ve tried other religions,” he explained on the phone, “but now I know Jesus is the Truth. How can I accept Christ?” I encouraged Jimmy to put his trust in the cross and prayed with him to receive the Lord Jesus! Please pray for John as he continues his journey with Christ.


We are pumped about starting a church in the Rochester area in 2011! Our Isaiah Six travels will be more strategic, as I’ll be giving more time locally to this new work, though we will continue to use the platform God has given us through Isaiah Six to minister at conferences, churches, and in the nations.

We launched our online video and audio “GraceLife” podcasts in February. These are monthly videos and short weekly teachings that combine music, humor, and inspirational teaching. We’ve had a great response to these, including the eyes of many believers being opened to grace and several unbelievers receiving Christ! As we travel, I’m often encouraged by those who have been impacted by the podcasts.

My new book Discipleship By Grace is messing people up (in a good way)! I recently received a letter from a pastor explaining that “I am finally living under grace and not under law! God used your book to finally bring me to that revelation that I’ve been struggling for so long to understand. Thank you!”

God has opened lots of doors for our new album, Worship With My Life. Several radio stations around the country have added our songs to their playlists, and SkyAngel Christian TV is playing our music video on KTV (Kids and Teens Network)!


With the new baby coming along in early September, I’ll be taking some time off from the road for most of the month. This will mean that we’ll depend upon support to cover our ministry and family needs during the time off the road. Would you consider giving a gift to help support us during this time as we prepare for a full ministry schedule this fall? We’ll need to raise about $5000. To give a gift with a credit card, use our PayPal on the front page of www.isaiahsix.com. To give by check, write it out to “Isaiah Six” and mail to:

Isaiah Six P.O. Box 10A Lima, NY 14485

Thanks for praying about this! Much grace to you and yours!

-Derek Joseph Levendusky

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