I’m writing this at the YFC Excel Youth Conference, where we’re leading worship for 1200 students. We’ve served annually at this conference for 10 years! Tomorrow, I’m speaking on “Justification By Faith.” God’s doing great stuff here.

On the Road
We were privileged to be part of some great events in 2010. It never gets old seeing people come to Christ, and this year, we saw well over a thousand turn to the Lord. By God’s grace, we’ve become an intricate part of events like Youth For Christ’s Excel Conference (1200 students), Joshua Revolution (2500 students), BASIC College Conferences (500 students), Saturate (1000 students), and this year, we were even blessed to minister at Kingdom Bound. It was awesome in 2010 to watch the Holy Spirit move again and again in the worship times we led. After traveling now for over thirteen years with Isaiah Six, I’ll often have people approach me on the road and say that they came to Christ at one of our events (like Excel). It’s such a blessing to see “fruit that remains” from all that we’ve done over the years.

New Album

Worship With My Life was released this year, and it’s been a blast to see how the Lord has been using the music. Our video for “Worship With My Life” was selected for airing on Sky Angel’s KTV (Kids and Teens Network), and a few radio stations around the country have added some tunes to their airplay. We’ve gotten a number of emails from friends who tell us, “I just heard your song on the radio!” We rejoice not that we’ve gained a wider audience, but that we’ve been able to inspire so many to live godly, Christ-centered lives.

New Books
I published two new books this year! Discipleship By Grace came out in February and a book for worship leaders that I wrote with Mike Kim and Darrell Evans, He Who Honors Me, came out in May. The response to these books has been encouraging. I received a letter from a pastor that read Discipleship By Grace who told me, “For the first time in my life, I can finally say that I’m ‘under grace.’” An ex-NFL player who read my book contacted me and said, “Your book changed my life! Every time I get a chance to speak now, I’m ripping off sermons from your book. Hope you don’t mind” Our worship leader book has also been received with great enthusiasm from individuals and churches. I’ve had several worship leaders share with me how much the book has impacted their ministries.

GraceLife Videos
This year, we launched an online outreach called GraceLife. We produce monthly videos and weekly podcasts. The videos are a mix of music, humor, and inspirational teaching about God’s grace. People who would never come to church will watch our videos online, and we’ve received many reports of how much people have been encouraged. One woman battling cancer testified of an overwhelming sense of God’s presence as she watched one of our videos. Another man was shaken by the message of grace, and received Christ after we spoke on the phone.

GraceLife Church
Big news on the home front in 2010 was that we decided to launch a church in Avon, NY! We’re already well on our way, as we’ve been meeting with our pilot community group now for almost four months, and we’ll having our first public service on February 13th. Our vision is to be “Community on a Mission.” We’re going to preach the gospel, make disciples, and start other new churches. What does this mean for my traveling ministry? I’ll still be traveling, though it will be more strategic, as I’ll stay away from most Sundays so I can serve the new church, and I’ll make sure we’re spending our time wisely on the road.

Welcoming Jackson
This year, we welcomed our new son, Jackson Whitefield Levendusky! He is a delight, loved dearly by his siblings, and provides plenty of entertainment for all of us. Anticipating his arrival and subsequent homecoming definitely demanded a lot of attention in 2010, created some family challenges, and took a lot out of Heidi, but we’d have it no other way.

Name Change
We made the shift this year from “Derek Joseph & Isaiah Six” to “Derek Levendusky” as I no longer feel the need to try to keep an identity as a band. This doesn’t mean I won’t travel with a band at times, but now I’m also free to minister in a variety of other ways. The Lord is calling me not only to music, but writing books, speaking, and equipping, not to mention the fact that I’ll be the lead pastor of GraceLife Church.  Simplifying our branding and streamlining our vision sets my family and me up for more productive days in the future.

Amani Records
Took some good steps forward with the worship record label I own in 2010. We signed a great young talent, Jessica Wallace, and produced her debut CD titled Come and See. Brad Kahler and Evan Thorpe also took on a more prominent role, launching a new website, designing a new logo, and producing new music.

Pray for us as we head into the new year with many ventures before us. Your encouragement and generosity inspire me, and we’re thankful for all those who stand with us as we serve the Lord!

Much grace,

Derek Levendusky

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