One of the most famous stories in the Bible about a man giving in to sexual temptation is the story of King David. He lusted after Bathsheba, the wife of one of his most loyal soldiers, lay with her, and she became pregnant (2 Samuel 11:1-5). To cover his tracks, he brought Uriah back from the frontlines, and tried to get him to lay with his wife. Uriah refused to enjoy sex while his brothers were fighting in a war, and instead slept at the entrance of the palace with the servants. David sent Uriah back to the frontlines and had the general put him where the battle was fiercest so he would be killed (2 Samuel 11:6-17). By the end of the story, David is an adulterer, a liar, and a murderer. God forgives him, but the consequences run deep for the rest of his life.

Listen to how the whole story of David’s failure begins:

“In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.” (2 Samuel 11:1)

Did you see that?

“At the time when kings go off to war…David remained in Jerusalem.”

King David, the man that slew Goliath and fought so many brave battles with his mighty men, was home eating Doritos, playing video games, and drinking Mountain Dew while the men were fighting.

The result?

“One evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw a woman bathing.” (2 Samuel 11:2)

David gave in to sexual temptation because he lost sight of what he believed, who he was, and what his purpose was. The result was that he was a sitting duck to temptation. Contrast Uriah and David:

Uriah refused to enjoy godly sex because he was a soldier in battle.

David pursued ungodly sex because he was not in the battle.

I’m talking to you about avoiding temptation. Brothers, internet filters and accountability partners may help you, but let me tell you the best way to avoid temptation: Get in the battle.

What battle?

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). He also said, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

In the first two blogs in this series, I told you that your freedom does not lie in your willpower or works, but in your faith in the gospel. You are not saved by what you do—you are saved by what you believe.

Now it’s time to LOVE that gospel. And love the CHURCH that Jesus died to save.

God wants you to find your place in preaching the gospel, making disciples, and building up the Church. That is your greatest asset in overcoming temptation to sexual sin, whether it be pornography, masturbation, fornication, or adultery.

Get in the battle. God wants you to serve Him and His purposes on the earth. Failing to do so will leave you without meaning, without passion, and vulnerable to any and every temptation. If there’s no reason not to stay pure, why stay pure?

Men, God has designed us to fight battles. He’s designed us to love our work. It gives us meaning. It gives God glory.

I’m not talking about being an usher at church, where too often the message among us is nothing more than: “Be a man…hand out bulletins!”

I’m talking about making disciples. Husbands, I’m talking about loving your wives and “washing her with the water of the Word” (Ephesians 5:26). Fathers, I’m talking about training your children in godliness. Employers, I’m talking about training your employees in character and faith. Young men, I’m talking about being on mission to change the world for Christ. I’m talking about prayer, Bible study, missional community, world missions. Get involved in your church or youth ministry. Get on a plane and reach out to the 3rd world. How about getting free of porn, and then starting a group to help other struggling brothers?

Are you eating Doritos at the time when kings go out to battle? That’s what you’re doing when you are not engaging in God’s work. It won’t be long before you’re clicking the mouse to find a picture of some anorexic whore with breast implants to satisfy your flesh.

If you struggle with porn, go ahead and get the internet filter (please). Get the accountability partner (please). And oh, by the way, make sure you’re scared of your accountability partner. But whatever you do, get your life ON MISSION.

We live in a culture that prolongs adolescence. The average age of a video game user is 35. Today many men well into their 30’s still live with their parents. Grow up. Be a man. God has given every resource through Christ to become all He wants you to be!

We’re not here long. I agree with Mark Driscoll who said that it’s hard to charge hell with your pants around your ankles, vaseline in one hand and kleenex in the other. Get into the battle! Let the gospel change you. Then get on mission to change others.

Otherwise, you’ll probably take a stroll on the roof to look for a naked woman.

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